Vaping Vs. Smoking


There is little doubt that at a basic level, vaping is better than smoking cigarettes because there is NO TAR. Tar is a significant contributor to many of the negative effects of smoking.

With over 4,000 chemicals coming from traditional cigarette smoking—43 of those being known cancer-causing elements—vapor devices are providing a compelling alternative. A vaping device contains a battery and a heat source. When turned on, the heat source atomizes a small amount of liquid in the vaping device, creating the vapor; which is then inhaled. This liquid typically contains 4 main components:

* Propylene Glycol

* Vegetable Glycerin

* Flavoring

* Nicotine

The quality, origin and combination of these ingredients can vary considerably. It is important to consider this when deciding on the juice that you purchase and ultimately inhale. Freshwater Vapor has developed close relationships with all of their juice manufacturers and suppliers, assuring you the best possible experience.

All of our juices are produced and packaged in a controlled and sterile environment in the USA. This assures that you receive a high quality product that is exactly as you expect each and every time. As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) moves forward on regulating e-cigarettes/vaping under the Tobacco Control Act, the industry as you see it will change. We believe it will be for the better. As labeling and manufacturing standards will be established on devices and e-liquid, it will be better for you as a consumer.
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